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Sport & Communication Attitude est le spécialiste de la commercialisation et  de la personnalisation d’équipements sportifs, de l’événementiel, de l’objet de communication et du textile d’entreprise. SCA est un acteur incontournable dans la commercialisation de boutique officielle et de produits…

VIDEO Player Feedback !

8 months after he made his way to Fos-sur-Mer, we went to see Marqus Ledoux again, at Marseille, for a basketball game with his team of St Chamond. After a short experience in Germany, Marqus wanted to find another job…

PLAYERSThey have already signed up!
Yann Siegwarth Yann Siegwarth Guard - 1,83 m Antibes

Signed in since to Spirou Charleroi (Belgique)

Arthur Zuccolini Arthur Zuccolini Power forward - 2,10 m Nanterre

Signed in since to Spirou Charleroi (Belgique)

Jérémie Douillet Jérémie Douillet Center - 2,05 m Nantes

Signed in since to Nantes (ProB)

Ben Ricard Ben Ricard Power forward - 1,98 m Chapman (NCAA3)

Signed in since to Le Cannet (N3)